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Kluskap (Glooscap) is an Abenaki word meaning "man from nothing". Glooscap, the first human, was created out of a bolt of lightening in the sand and remains a figure that appears in many of the Mi'kmaw legends. These legends are stories that are passed down from generation to generation and tell of the Mi'kmaq culture.


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Discovering Mi'kmaq Culture

Immerse yourself in an innovative multimedia presentation as Glooscap guides you through the trials, the survival of the Mi'kmaq people. Our aboriginal interpreters will give you a guided tour of the stunning displays of Mi'kmaq quillwork, beadwork, clothing and artifacts and tell you their own stories of what it is like to be Mi'kmaq. You will be able to pick up information to Discover Glooscap's landmarks along the Fundy Shore.

NEW NAME! Welcome to the Millbrook Cultural and Heritage Centre

Hand Drum Making Workshop set for November 19th, 2015

The Millbrook Cultural and Heritage Centre will be hosting another hand drum making workshop on November 19th, 2015.

Time: 6:00-9:00.

Where: Millbrook Cultural & Heritage Centre. Exit 13A, Millbrook, NS.

Cost: $110.00 for a 12" drum and $130.00 for a 16" drum.

Only limited seating is available, please call Garrett at (902) 843-3493 or by email at


Visit the Millbrook Cultural and Heritage Centre to gaze at the 40-foot statue of Glooscap and to learn about the Mi'kmaw - the Aboriginal group of Nova Scotia. The Glooscap Heritage Centre, located next to Truro, Nova Scotia, is dedicated to the celebration of Mi'kmaw heritage. The Centre also has a Gift Shop with a First Nation focus.


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Workshops and Demonstrations!

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Witness Blanket arrives on October 19, 2015
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Exhibits to Look For!

Sa'qewe'l Wksitaqnmual * Early Creations
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L'nu'smik, L'nu'-wi'kikemk, L'nu-kiljemk * Speaking, Writing, Reading
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Kawiey aq Wayo'pskiey * Quillwork and Beadwork
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Likpniknn * Splint Basketry
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Kmu'jiktuk Wejiaq * Made from Trees
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Mi'kmawey Maskwiey Kwitn * Mi'kmaw Birchbark Canoe
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Wi'kikaqnn Elapskita'sikl * Mi'kmaw Petroglyphs
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Ula Kelwikasik ta'n Mi'kmaq Sma'knisk tel-pmite'tasult'tij * Mi'kmaq Veterans Wall of Honour
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Kejikawey Kisitaqn * Contemporary Creations
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